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Jimmy Pang is the founder of MoneyPangs Education System which teaches the basics of investing. At 26, he was the youngest portfolio manager at a top investment firm managing $30 billion on global teams in London, New York, and Hong Kong. He was CIO of asset management at the 5th largest bank in China. Upon returning to NY in 2012, Mr. Pang’s passion led him to mentor students at Baruch and teach finance at NYU. Another passion led him to found the premier archery range in the U.S. He currently teaches, invests in private and public equities, and advises high net worth families. His new MoneyPangs program helps individuals take control of their finances through education. He believes that empowerment through education can lead to greater peace of mind.


Moneypangs education system

For over 25 years, I have worked alongside "Professional Investors" and I firmly believe that ANYONE can manage their own money. With basic financial knowledge, you can learn to allocate your own funds or pick stocks. Our job is to teach you the art and science of investing with an easy-to-understand system.

Take control of your finances by learning 9 questions to always ask anyone advising you, the 2 most important fund choices to make, and the #1 driver of investment returns.   

With MoneyPangs Education System, developed with 25 years of experience, our S.T.A.R.R. process teaches you about Setting goals, Tolerance for risk, Allocation, Research & Reassess. 

You’ll make smarter investment and career decisions for you and your family when you understand your finances. Educate, empower, and execute by investing toward your dreams and have peace of mind!



Client Reviews

As a retiree, a large investment firm told me to make a huge re-allocation from stocks to bonds irregardless of market fundamentals, fees, and taxes. Jimmy educated me and literally saved my retirement money. I fired my advisor and have peace of mind with Jimmy’s coaching.
— M. G.
The key to my success is my colleague Jimmy Pang from NYU. Jimmy is a great educator and mentor. He inspired me to gain further knowledge and infused confidence in me that now I manage my personal affairs applying same due diligence and care that I offer to my clients.
— V. R.
Very engaging, knowledgeable, able to make the material come to life with real life examples, extremely dedicated, great leader and teacher for this class. He can communicate new or difficult concepts in plain language which is key when teaching
— NYU Students